The objectives as enshrined in the registered bylaws of Bhuttico are indicated as under:

  • To arrange funds for its business or for lending to its members.
  • To purchase raw material and appliances for its own use or for members.
  • To arrange for marketing of finished goods of the Society or its members by establishing showrooms at suitabletowns/ cities.
  • To arrange for the outright purchases of finished goods of Kullu design from Handloom weavers and weavers' co-operative societies and marketing of finished goods through its own showrooms.
  • Provision of business and technical training to its members.
  • To carry on production of finished products on co-operative basis.
  • To acquire improved appliances connected with the industry and lend them to its members.
  • To own or acquire land, to raise orchards, buildings, business premises, machinery, furniture & fixture, vehicles and other equipment or to take them on hire, rent on lease for the business of the Society and to provide   residential facilities to members, artisans, etc. in the business premises of the Society.
  • To construct tourist huts/complex to promote sale of products manufactured by the Society.
  • To do other acts as may be conducive to the attainment of the general objects of theSociety and creation of spirit of thrift, mutual help and self-help amongst members.
  • To arrange for dyeing and finishing of goods.
  • To make the advances and supplies.
  • To carry out production of Angora Rabbit wool in the business premises of the Society.
  • To act as a Non- Government Organisation (N.G.O.) for the upliftment of artisans, weavers, craftsmen and women of the weaker sections.