Soul of Bhuttico

The Bhuttico society was floundering along under the immense pressure from the power loom shawls, who started marketing similar shawls using block prints of the Kullu design at one third the market price. In 1956, Mr.Vedram Thakur, the brightest alumni of the Industrial Training Institute gave up his own flourishing weaving industry and donated everything to this society and joined its ranks to be elected as its President, bringing in his wisdom, vision and hard work which today has been translated into "Bhuttico".

Born, as most great men are, to a poor family in Kullu's lovely Lug Valley on 21 April 1921. After joining the society as a member, Mr. Thakur was elected and elevated as the President of the Society in the year 1956. From that day onwards the functioning of the society was transformed from a dead Cooperative to a revived one. Mr. Thakur not only donated his working industry but also brought in his professional acumen, business and administrative expertise, which laid the strong foundation towards the systematic growth and development of the society. Working with member weavers, encouraging them to greater productivity, not only teaching them new designs but also switching them over to the new Paddle looms and the fly shuttle technology, thus made the society reach new and higher production levels.

Developmental Activities:

On the other hand, he worked towards creating newer marketing avenues by opening showrooms in other tourist places like Palampur, Dharamshala, Dalhousie, Mussourie, etc. He also worked with government agencies, which were then giving various incentives and monetary grants, etc. to enhance both financial position as well as the infrastructure facilities of the Society. His 14 years of unswerving loyalty to the Society raised it from its microscopic beginning to the present prestigious position.

He led the co-operative movement in Kullu. Weaving remained his first love until his untimely death on 31 October 1971, shortly after his fiftieth birthday. He lived to see his dream, the Bhutti Colony-take shape and was mourned by the people on his death as the " Father of Kullu Shawl Industry", an apt and affectionate title.