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Order Cancellation/Modification Policy - Shipping Address outside India

You cannot cancel/modify your order once the shipment has been dispatched from our warehouse.

For any further assistance , please get in touch with our Customer Support team.

You can also contact us or whats app at:

1.     09459994179

2.     08894442989

Order Modification Policy - Shipping Address in India

We understand that you  may like to modify an order after you have placed it, say for getting a different color on offer for that product or giving new instructions for customization.

In such cases, you can contact the Customer Support team and they will help you in modifying your order. However, please note that order modification is only possible if,

1.     i) the order has not been shipped;

2.     ii) the other variant of the product is available; and

iii) customization has not been completed already.

Order modification is independent of the fact that you may have bought the product in a promotion.

If you would like to remove one of the several products from your single order or cancel your order altogether, please see below for the Cancellation Policy.

Cancellation Policy - Shipping Address in India

When we say that you are the centre of our universe, we really mean it. For instance, we have a ' No Questions Asked ' Cancellation Policy!

Cancellation process depends on whether the product has been shipped by then or not.

1.     Order Not Shipped

You can get in touch with our Customer Support team and they will help you in cancelling your order. Please have your order number ready with you when you call us for quick cancellation.

Using their superpowers, they can also help you in canceling one of the many products you ordered.

1.     Order Shipped

If your order has been shipped and you want to cancel it, get in touch with our Customer Support team and let them know first. They will update our systems to reflect that you do not need the product anymore and set in process your refund requirements.

Then, do not accept the package when it is delivered to you and ask the courier person to return it to us.

Exception: Cancellation of apparel and other products that have been customized for you, is not allowed.

We also reserve the right to cancel an order if the product is out of stock at our vendor location, is found to have quality issues, or some unforeseen reason. You will be informed if it happens.

Refund Policy - Shipping Address in India

If you have cancelled your enire order or a part of it, the amount that you paid to us for that cancelled full/part order will be refunded to your bank account and will reflect in 12-15 working days. You can also choose to have an equal amount of shopatplaces credits deposited in your account.

For cancelled prepaid orders which had been shipped, the amount will be refunded once we get back the product at our warehousing location.

We are honest and refund back the entire amount that we owe you. Period.