About Society

Bhutti Weavers renowned name in handloom weaving particularly Kullu Shawls and other products namely produced in Australian yarn, pashmina & Angora yarn welcomes our esteemed visitors customers in this famous Kullu Manali Valley of Himachal Pradesh.

Before country’s independence, a group of 12 progressive handloom weavers joined hands and organized and got registered a Handloom Weavers Cooperative on 18-12-1944 in one of the remote backward Lug Valley of Kullu. The working of the Society remained dormant upto the year 1955. However in the year 1956 one local youth namely Mr. VED RAM THAKUR was motivated to join this cooperative. With a brilliant record in weaving, marketing and management, he transformed this dormant society into a very active institution. He brought in dramatic changes and maintained its unique position as a market leader in shawl industry. He also donated his own shawl weaving industry to this society which is a rare example. He passed away at the age of 50 years in the year 1971. The reins of this society was taken over by his brilliant son Shri Satya Parkash Thakur. Shri Satya parkash Thakur with his able leadership, systematic planning made this society a very successful profit making venture. This society is providing employment to over 1000 weavers families. This society has made economic development amongst the handloom Weaver Members.

Today Bhuttico is a leading name in the shawl industry and its weavers have earned respect and recognition from the rest of weaving world. Every year Bhuttico is participating in many national and international exhibitions The products of this Society are not only popular with Indian customers but it is gratifying to note that our products are also popular with foreign customers also.

Bhuttico regularly sends its trainees, staff and key officers for industrial training to keep abreast of the latest trends in production, marketing and administration. Bhuttico’s caliber has been recognized both by customers and governing authorities such as the Indian Ministry of Textiles that after an unannounced examination of its endeavors honored it with a National Award Gold in 1993. The PHD chamber of Commerce and Industry, that bestowed upon it the Udyog Ratna Award (conferred by Virbhadra Singh – the Honorable Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, India) for its role in social economic development in 2005. The National Co-operative Development Corporation (under the Ministry of textiles), that merited it with a Cooperative Excellency Award for its performance in the co-operative sector in 2009. And the Yeoman Service and Leadership Textile Industry NISTII-IIT, 2009.

In 2014 two weavers Sh. Raj Kumar and Sohan Singh from Bhutti Weavers Cooperative Society got National Merit Certificate by development commissioner for outstanding skill and contribution to the handloom weaving of shawl and dress material.

In 2015 Sh. Uttam Chand has been awarded with Gold Medal in “ Handloom weavers National Award” by honorable Union Minister of Textiles (Government Of India) Ms Smriti Irani.

Present day Bhuttico is not only a leading producer but an inspiration (for artisans across India) with its unwavering focus on weaver welfare and safeguarding their craft.The society also holds an ISO 9001: 2015 certificate for quality practices conforming to international standards and markets its products via thirty one outlets under its own trademark, exhibitions and exports to countries such as: Belgium, France, Great Britain, Russia, Japan, China, Spain and the USA.