The members of Bhuttico manage their affairs in a democratic manner. They elect their Board of Directors in the Annual General Body Meeting. The Board comprises of 9 elected and 3 officials nominated by the Government. The tenure of the Board is 5 years. The day to day working is handled effectively and efficiently by the functionaries at different levels. General House elects Board of Directors The Directors elects Chairman and Vice-Chairman who give directions and frame policies &programmes for implementations. The Board of Directors appoints Chief General Manager, Additional Chief General Manager, Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, Production Manager, Assistant Weaving Masters, Tana Master, Assistant Sales Managers, Office Assistant, Drivers, Skilled Workers, Peon, Chowkidar, Coach (Cultural & Physical training), Sweepers and Factory Workers.

Chief General Manager:

Supervises day to day working of the Society. He functions under the overall control of the Board of Directors. He is the administrative head of the organization.

Additional Chief General Manager:

Additional Chief General Manager is the controlling officer and overall incharge of Production, Marketing, Accounts, etc. He works under the Chief

General Manager.

There are four General Managers looking after Production of Handloom goods, Marketing, Administration and Accounts.

There are 131 total employees who are from amongst the weavers families. All of them have worked on handlooms and know the Art of Weaving. The affairs are thus managed by the weaver members themselves which is a unique feature of the Society.